Interested in photography!!! Wondering how other people get such crisp photographs and yours look so dull !!!

Wondering how to click those amazing images of your babies/kids or the time when you are on vacation and you see an outstanding scenery and want to capture it. Stop Wondering.... and take action...

Attend our "Digital Photography Basics" workshop  and see the difference in your own photographs!!!!

Reach out to us at or +91 9004940446 for details on our latest workshop dates and locations.

What will you gain out of this workshop??

Our basics workshop is customised to provide you with all the knowledge that will ensure that, with practice, you will be able to achieve excellent images. In a matter of 4-6 hours, we will provide you with all the information  that will help you improve your images. This is not just a theoretical workshop, but will include actual practical sessions.

You will be able to understand and talk the camera lingo in no time. Although the main language of the workshop will be in English, Our instructor can support and answer questions in Hindi, Kannada and Marathi as well.

Following are the key topics that we will cover as part of this Workshop :

1. Introduction to Photography

a.The SCIENCE and ART of photography

2. Introduction to  Cameras

a. Types of Cameras

b. Components of a Camera     

c.  Functions of the Component

3. Core Elements of Photography

a. Exposure/Lighting

b. Aperture

c. Shutter Speed

d. ISO

e. Compositions

f. Exposure Program Modes

g. Focus

h. White Balance

i. Metering

4. Supporting Elements

a. White Balance

b. Light Metering

5. Camera Accessories

a. Lenses

b. Tripods

c. Flashes

d. Lights

e. Filters

6. Photo-Editing Basics

a. Exposure

b. Contrast

c. Brightness

d. White Balance

f. Sharpness

g. Noise Reduction

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