Interested in photography!!!! Wondering how other people get such crisp photographs!!!

Attend our "Digital Photography Basics" workshop  and see the difference in your own photographs!!!!

What do we cover in our "Digital Photography Basics" Workshops:

1. Introduction to Photography

2. Introduction to the Camera

a. Components of a Camera     

b. Functions of a Camera

3. Core Elements of Photography

a. Lighting

b. Aperture

c. Shutter Speed

d. ISO

e. Compositions

4. Supporting Elements

a. White Balance

b. Light Metering

5. Camera Accessories

a. Lenses

b. Tripods

c. Flashes

d. Lights

e. Filters

6. Photo-Editing Basics

a. Exposure

b. Contrast

c. Brightness

d. White Balance

e. Filters

f. Sharpness

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